Raptors, Eagles & Hawks 2 Too...

Second string ice hockey has been played at the Blackburn Arena – give or take the odd break – ever since the venue first opened in 1991. 

However, the hardy endeavours of those plucky teams often tend to get overshadowed by the better supported and higher profile main Blackburn Hawks team so we thought it was time to tell the story of the lesser known league clubs from Blackburn.

What you have here is as complete a record as we have been able to muster - based on the information currently available – of the: 

Arrival of ice hockey in Blackburn

Blackburn Falcons 1991-1993

Blackburn Seagulls 1993-1997

Blackburn Phoenix 1997-1998

Lancashire Raptors 2007-2012

Blackburn Eagles 2012-2017, & the 

Blackburn Hawks 2 2017-2020

Includes player stats, personal stories, league tables and lots of great photos.

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