Tuesday 5 September 2023

New Book: Wild Review - Season 2022/23

The new season may be just getting underway but ice hockey fans have the chance to relive all the excitement of the 2022/23 season in the new “Wild Review” book that has been published by specialist publisher Ice Hockey Review.

As with the previous season’s edition, the book features in-depth coverage of all of the various Widnes Wild teams, with player statistics, reports and final standings for the:

YKK Widnes Wild NIHL team

DMUK Widnes Wild Women's team

Wild Academy Under 18 team

Wild Academy Under 16 team

Wild Academy Under 14 team

Wild Academy Under 12 team

Wild Academy Under 10 team

plus a 10 Year Record for the Widnes Wild NIHL team, 2013-2023 and the season’s collection of poems from Poet In Residence Lucy London. 

Newly added for this year are details of the Mayhem sledge team's 2023 British Para Ice Hockey League campaign, the Riverside Raiders and Halton Huskies in the Summer Classic Cup - and lots more besides!

The book is illustrated throughout with superb photos from, among others, Geoff White, Steve Cunningham and is available for mail order via THIS LINK