Monday 20 September 2021

New Book: "UK Ice Hockey - Its History & Competition Winners” by Michael A Chambers

If you like ice hockey history, you will definitely like this new book by Michael A Chambers entitled “UK Ice Hockey - Its History & Competition Winners”.  

Now, as Michael freely points out in his introduction, a lot of the information in this book is actually already available from various sources either on the internet or in the multitude of books that have been written about the subject over the years.  But the problem is – which website did you see it on?  Have you still got the link for it?  Is that website still in existence – as a lot of great online resources have simply disappeared into thin air over the years….?

Which book was it in? Which year’s edition of the Ice Hockey Annual…?  Certainly, if you are anything like me when you are researching a topic, you will have books open all over the place, with post it notes liberally sprinkled - and all sorts of magazines and programmes strewn around as well.

Well, what Mick has rather cleverly done here is to gather a large amount of that information and put it all together in one book so you can find it more easily.

Who won the Autumn cup in 1985? It’s in here…

Scottish National League in 1948/49? That’s here too.

Want to know about the one-off British Championship that was played in 1930?  Look no further…

In fact, there are comprehensive lists of who won what and when for all domestic competitions, details of British teams in Europe and a whole lot more.

There are even lists of things that I didn’t even imagine I might ever need to know - such as Coach Of The Year, Player Of The Year and complete listings of All Star Players and Teams for every year that they have been nominated.

So there you go – if you like British ice hockey - and British ice hockey history – you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied in Michael Chambers’ new book.

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