Saturday 5 December 2020

New Book: Widnes Wild - Lockdown Lookback - Available to order now!

Here’s a great Christmas present idea for the ice hockey player or fan in your life who already has almost everything and - above all - is MISSING ICE HOCKEY!   

This is not quite a full history of the Wild team as such but an interesting lookback at key moments in that history as told in the pages of the Widnes Weekly News during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown - and great memento of the team's many achievements SO FAR.... 

A5 paperback - 118 pages with black and white photos throughout.

Full contents:
Questions for the Chairman
Widnes Wild’s First Ever Game

Richard Charles Looks Back At The First Widnes Game

Where Are They Now?

Craig Williams And The First Ever Widnes Wild Goal
Widnes Wild In The End Of Season Play Offs
Widnes Wild In the End of Season Play Offs – Part Two 
Widnes Wild In The Promotion Game
Wild Imports – Then & Now 
Widnes Wild In The NIHL Cup
Widnes Wild’s Title Winning Season
Widnes Wild At The National Championship Game
Ken Armstrong – 200 Games And Counting

Tom Jackson’s Widnes Wild Appearance Record 
Mike Mawer Reaches 100 Game Milestone
Dan Bracegirdle Looks Back Over 100 Games
Widnes / Deeside Rivalry – Part 1 

Widnes / Deeside Rivalry – Part 2
Widnes / Altrincham Rivalry
Widnes & Blackburn – Head To Head 
Wild Break Records In Blackburn
Wild Go To Hull And Back 
NIHL Player Award Winners 

Selling Price: £7.00 plus p&p

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Tuesday 1 December 2020

Limited Edition Offer: Ice Hockey 1936 Reprint

An annotated and illustrated reprint of the original 1936 work by Major Bethune Minet Patton, this new 2020 edition includes: 

A new introduction 

A new biography of BM Patton 

A new section about the Patton Cup 

A new section about the EIHL Patton Conference 

Two new appendices 

And 10 new photographs

As well as the complete original text and content.

With the benefits and facilities of modern technology, and in a move that we hope that Patton himself would have heartily approved of, we have decided to make his book – which has been practically impossible to get hold of for over 70 years without shelling out a small fortune to a rare book dealer – available to everybody at a reasonable selling price, which we hope they will enjoy reading.

SELLING PRICE £8.00 plus P&P 

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Please note: for overseas purchases - due to postage costs sending items from the UK to abroad - it may be cheaper to order the Print On Demand version via Amazon: CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON LINK