Friday 19 January 2024

Last Call For Blackburn Falcons / Seagulls / Phoenix / Raptors / Eagles / Hawks2 Contributions

At 6 years and counting, this has taken longer to finish than any of the individual teams being covered actually existed for – but we are pleased to say that the Blackburn second string book is now, finally, almost complete.

It includes complete playing records and player stats for the Lancashire Raptors 2007-2012, Blackburn Eagles 2012–2017 and Blackburn Hawks 2 2017-2020 and there is a bit about the Blackburn Falcons 1991-93,  Blackburn Seagulls 1993-1997 and Blackburn Phoenix 1997-1998 as well, although there isn’t very much information available about them.

If anybody has any photos, match programmes, results lists or player stats for the Falcons, Seagulls or Phoenix, please get in touch as we would like to include as much as we can about them.

Also, if anybody has any personal stories that they would like to add for any of the teams included, that would be great as well.  (EMAIL HERE)

I’ll give it a couple more weeks while I am tidying everything up and will then go with what I have available at that time. The finished book will probably be available March/April time – so watch this space!