Monday 21 March 2016

Chelmsford Warrtiors Are NIHL South Division 2 North Champions

Chelmsford Warriors were crowned NIHL South Division 2 Eastern Conference Champions at the Chelmsford Chieftains S1 game on Sunday. They had made sure of the title the week before by winning 2-3 away at second place Peterborough Islanders and now have just one away game left to finish their regular schedule. 

The Islanders are confirmed second as they are a massive 16 points ahead of 3rd place Haringey Racers, although the teams below them still have games to play.

Both Peterborough and Chelmsford qualify for the S2 play offs where they will meet the top two teams in S2 West. These look likely to be Basingstoke Buffalo and Cardiff Fire, although there are still a lot of games to play in that division.