Thursday 10 April 2014

NIHL Radio - Online Radio Coverage Of Moralee Conference Play Offs

All 3 games of the Moralee Playoff Weekend will be broadcast through HawksF5 Radio, Stars Radio and Warriors Radio! Coverage starts five minutes before Face-Off:

SF1:  Solway Sharks v Whitley Warriors, 1pm Saturday

SF2: Blackburn Hawks v Billingham Stars, 4:30pm Saturday

Final: 2pm Sunday

The commentary teams representing each station have agreed to cover each other's games to enable them to watch their own teams. Therefore Oz Phillips (HawksF5) and Anthony Lowe (Stars) will be covering the first Semi-Final and Chris MacKenzie (Warriors) will be covering the second semi-final.
The Final has yet to be decided.

To listen:
 Go to and click "RADIO"
Go to and click "NIHL Radio"
Go to and select "Stars Media" where you will find the radio section.

The radio stations will work through any device that you wish to use (computers, phones, tablets...) without the need to download any apps or play with any settings.
To allow people to check that they can connect and listen,  music and interviews will be broadcast on Friday evening.