Monday 3 August 2015

Match Report: Widnes Wildcats 3 - Sheffield Ice Tigers 17

Following their long away trip to Hull and back on Saturday night from whence they came back with a 6-9 victory, there must have been few tired legs in the Wildcats camp - and that unfortunately showed in the early stages of the this "big cats" encounter with Sheffield Ice Tigers.

We actually missed the first 10 minutes and were surprised to find the visitors winning 0-5 upon our arrival. That became 0-10 by the end of the first period and everybody seemed a little shell shocked to say the least.

The second period started in much the same vein with the Tigers scoring 3 more goals before the Wildcats finally broke their duck with a strike on 29th minutes and it ended 1-15 after two periods.

There must have been a very good team talk in the Wildcats' dressing room during the second break as they came out on fire for the third period. They fought for every puck and didn't give up until the final buzzer. The period score was 2-2 - a draw but if it had been a boxing round I'd definitely have given to the Wildcats for their guts and determination.

So, in all a very entertaining game - if a little one sided at times - but you can't really complain at game that has 20 goals in it and lots of end to end action.

The Wildcats are at home next on Sunday 16th August when they take on Manchester Rhinos in a 7.30pm face off. 

You can find out more about the Widnes Wildcats on their website