Friday 27 November 2020

New Book: Manchester Storm - The Complete History by Stuart Latham

Manchester Storm - The Complete History by Stuart Latham

ISBN No: 978-1-8381165-3-8

235 pages B5 Size - Published 02/11//2020

Selling Price: £15.99

Featuring Stats, photos and articles by the players

OK – it’s time for another “Trilogy Analogy” now as we look at Stuart Latham’s third book in this series of three about ice hockey in Manchester.  I’m actually really looking forward to see if he’s going to do a “Rambo” with this and retrospectively rename them all at some point in the future and call the fourth one the same as the second – but that’s just me, I suppose…. 

Today we are looking at “Manchester Storm - The Complete History” which, with a title like that, probably doesn’t need much more of an introduction.

Like most keen hockey fans of the time, I closely followed the fortunes of the Storm when they first started up – John Lawless, Hilton Ruggles etc - not least because they were playing in the same division as my beloved Peterborough Pirates. To my eternal regret I never went to see the Pirates play them at the impressive Manchester Arena and, in fact, to this day, have never seen the Manchester Storm in action.   

All of that makes this a really interesting book for me to get my teeth into – and Stuart has done a really good job of this because there have been, in fact, two separate eras of the Manchester Storm.

As well as all the stats and photos that you’d expect there are also contributions from:

Daryl Lipsey

Hilton Ruggles

Martin Smith

Brad Rubachuk

Frank Pietrangelo

Kurt Kleinendorst

Jon Hammond

John Lawless

Dave Biggar

Andy McKinney

Mike Morin

Neil Russell

Jared Aulin

Richard Evans

& Margaret Pullen

- which is great as it brings together memories from players, coaches ,fans – and even the match announcer – a rare breed with a unique view of the game who - in my opinion - always have plenty to say! 

Just like Stuart’s other books, as a stand-alone club history, this will be of interest to general ice hockey fans from the UK and abroad – particularly with this one covering the Superleague and Elite League teams, ie “top tier” British hockey.   

Plus, of course, it fits very nicely with the other volumes of Stuart’s “Manchester Trilogy”, ie: “60 Years of the Altrincham Aces” and “The Rise And Fall Of The Manchester Phoenix”. 

Stuart has also recently produced similar books about the Deeside Dragons and Bristol Pitbulls teams and previous projects have included Bracknell, Peterborough and Swindon ice hockey clubs.

All of these are available by mail order but, because of production lead-times etc, I am told they HAVE to be ordered by 7th December at the latest if you want them delivered in time for Christmas.

To find out more about Stuart’s books on a wide range of topics – not just ice hockey, check out his sales website at: