Monday 19 May 2014

Laidler Conference All Star Team Announced for Deeside Weekend

The make up of the Laidler Conference team to play at the All Star Weekend at Deeside on 7th and 8th June has now been announced as:

Josh Nicholls (Solihull Barons), Nick Saxton (Blackburn Eagles)

Adz Andrews (Coventry Blaze), Perry Doyle (Solihull Barons), Luke Thomas (Nottingham Lions), Luke Smith (Coventry Blaze), Steven Fellows (Deeside Dragons), Marc Lovell (Deeside Dragons)

Richard Slater (Solihull Barons), Lee Bonner (Hull Jets), Bobby Caunce (Widnes Wild), Nathan Britton (Sheffield Senators), Jordan Ashington (Blackburn Eagles), Jamie Cobley (Hull Jets), James Parsons (Deeside Dragons), Si Furnival (Deeside Dragons), Shaun Dippnall (Widnes Wild).

The Laidler All Star team will play Deeside Dragons on Saturday 7th June and the selected Dragons will join the Laidler team to take on the Moralee Conference All Star team on Sunday 8th June.  

Tickets are £6 per person for each match or £10 for both games.
There are no concession as the games are being played in aid of MIND mental health charity.

Tickets can be bought at Deeside Leisure Centre - tel: 01244 845440

You can follow the event on Facebook here: