Sunday 13 November 2016

Have You Got YOUR copy yet?

Invicta Dynamos' Arran Strawson
with his copy of the NIHL Yearbook
(Photo by Chris Randall)
Update from NIHL South editor Chris Randall’s trip to Streatham:

“It's not just hockey fans who like to get their hands on a copy of the NIHL Yearbook. None other than South Yorkshire born defence man Arran Strawson makes sure he gets his copy every year. He likes to look back and reflect on his team, the Invicta Dynamos – season’s fortunes, as well as the league in general.”

You can order your copy now via the website HERE  in person from Chris Randall on the Isle of Wight  HERE , via Amazon  HERE or coming soon to a skate shop / supporters club near you!
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