Saturday 27 May 2017

Your Eagles Stories Wanted For Complete History Book.

We are putting together – with the invaluable help of Darren Shaw and Andrew Duxbury - a complete history of the Blackburn Eagles team.
The book will include:  
Full stats for their 5 seasons from 12/13 to 16/17, 
full "A to Z” player directory with stats and photos
all time highest achievers etc
Lancashire Raptors archive
but we also want to include people’s individual stories as well.
If former players, coaches, team staff, supporters etc,  would like to share some of their favourite Eagles memories, please drop me or Darren a line. It doesn’t have to be “War & Peace” – approx. 450 words with your favourite photo would suffice – and we’ll try and include a varied selection in the fished book. 
Just hockey banter and good memories, please - no politics  or “anti-rink owner” stuff as that will not be accepted. 
Deadline for all submissions is next Sunday 4th June.
For more information, contact us HERE