Monday 12 October 2020

New Book: The Deeside Dragons by Stuart Latham

The Deeside Dragons by Stuart Latham

ISBN No: 978-1-8381165-3-8

204 pages B5 Size - Published 18/09/2020

Selling Price: £15.99

Featuring Stats, photos and articles by the players


With guest articles from Gary Chopper Lee, Lol Paul, Bryn Roberts and Shaun Bebbington and player contributions from Dave Clancy, Steve Fellows, James Parsons, Marc Lovell, Dom Jolly & Chris Jones.

Stuart has also produced similar books about the Altrincham Aces, various Peterborough teams, Bracknell Bees and Swindon Wildcats and there are more in the pipeline about Manchester Storm, Bristol Pitbulls and Manchester Phoenix.  

You can find out more about his publications on his sales website at: