Tuesday 8 December 2015

Match Report: Peterborough Islanders 9 - Haringey Racers 3

An excellent showing from the Peterborough Islanders inflicted a heavy defeat on the Racers at Bretton Way.

Haringey started brightly enough with Drew Campbell opening the scoring in the 10th minute, swatting the puck home out of mid-air. However, a series of individual mistakes helped the Islanders seize the initiative. Campbell coughed up the puck on the blue line and James White’s deflected shot found the net. Then a speculative, short-handed effort from Nathan Pollard squirmed through Niks Trapans and, in the referee’s opinion, made it fully over the line. Finally, a misplaced Mark Saunders pass allowed the Islanders to promptly set up Connor Stokes for Peterborough’s third.

Into the second period and the hosts continued applying the pressure. Close range tip-in goals from Conor Pollard and James Pentecost opened up a 5-1 lead. Stokes added the sixth after Trapans had saved the first two shots but could not keep out the third and Kenny Bavin made it seven with a tap-in.

Haringey rallied with Daniel Clayton grabbing a goal on a wrap-around chance and Perry Richardson added a Racers’ third, banking the puck into the goal off Dan Lane’s shoulder. Any hopes of a recovery soon faded when Clint Herring was all alone in front of goal to add Peterborough’s eighth.

A quiet third period came to life when a brief fight broke out between Racer Conor Sheehan and Islander Jack Sansby three minutes from time. Peterborough added a ninth goal in the dying seconds with Bradley Moore beating Trapans when put clean though by Pentecost.

Racers return to home to the Palace for a crucial cup game against Bristol Pitbulls on Saturday 12th December (face off 5:30pm).

Islanders scoring: Connor Stokes 2+0, Bradley Moore 1+3, James Pentecost 1+2, James White 1+1, Nathan Pollard 1+1, Conor Pollard 1+1, Kenny Bavin 1+1, Clint Herring 1+0, Shaun Yardley 0+4, Craig Wallis 0+1, Alexander Cleves 0+1, Callum Worthington-Evans 0+1

Racers scoring: Drew Campbell 1+0, Daniel Clayton 1+0, Perry Richardson 1+0, Josh Abbott 0+2

Shots on Goal: 37 on Dan Lane (Islanders) / 54 on Niks Trapans (Racers)

Man of the Match: Jonathan Brammall (Islanders) / Perry Richardson (Racers)

Report by Tim Stuart