Thursday 15 October 2015

IHR Award For Blackburn Hawks Netminder

Photo by John Milton -
Blackburn Hawks  netminder Daniel Brittle was presented with the Ice Hockey Review Award for most shut outs in the Moralee Conference during the 2014/15 season. Ice Hockey Review Editor Paul Breeze made the presentation  after the Hawks’ home win against Solway Sharks on Sunday.

A similar award has also been presented to Telford Tigers’ netminder Denis Bell for the most shut outs in the Laidler Conference last season.   

Paul explained the reason for the award:

“Daniel Brittle picked up 4 shut-outs during the Hawks’ Moralee Conference championship season but only finished in 4th place in the overall netminder standings which are calculated on Save %, for which he got 92.16.

Stuart Ashton picked up 1 shut-out and came second in the overall table with his 92.75 Save %, just shy of the Moralee’s top “saver” - Billingham’s James Flavell who stopped 93.83% of the shots that he faced. 

It just so happens that statistics can say almost whatever you want them to say because, if you calculated the overall standings using Goals per Game Average (like they used to a long time ago), then Stuart Ashton would have come out top, followed by Brittle in second and Solway’s Gary Russell in 3rd place. 

Ironically, it is because the Hawks played so well as a team last season and dominated so many of their games, that Dan and Stu’s Sa% records are a little inferior to Flavell’s – whose team obviously had a worse season.  Both Blackburn netminder faced considerably fewer shots per game than other netminders in the league and their Sa% was skewed accordingly.  
In the Laidler Conference, Telford NIHL Tigers’ Denis Bell picked up an amazing 5 shut outs and came second overall on Sa% and GAA to Solihull Barons’ netminder Josh Nicholls –who was the Laidler top stopper for the second season in a row.

Because of this, I thought there was a case for giving both Dan and Denis a special shut out award."

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