Tuesday 2 February 2016

Invicta Dynamos Play 18 Minutes Without Netminder...!

Here’s an interesting story from the weekend action in NIHL South.  In the South 1 game between Milton Keynes Thunder and Invicta Dynamos, netminder Damien King’s equipment got left behind in Kent.

Lee Allen of Kent Sports News told us: “With the opposition seemingly not offering to provide spare netminder kit or there being no delay in the start time and Invicta having no-back-up netminder, Invicta coach Kevin Parrish sent his side out to defend the empty net.

The Dynamos adopted what could be best described as a sweeper/keeper system, with the likes of Harrison Lillis and Elliott Dewey taking the role of hovering behind the D-men and acting as the last line of defence.”

King sat out for most of the first period while waiting for somebody to tear up to Milton Keynes to bring his missing gear and the most amazing thing is that despite playing for almost 19 minutes with no netminder in place, the Dynamos only conceded two goals during that time.

He finally managed to get onto the ice after 18.38 of the first period and the Dynamos pulled a goal back in the dying seconds.

Once the Invicta team were properly equipped and organised, it appears to have been mainly one way traffic the other way as they outshot the Thunder 12 to 40 overall and won the game 2-6.

Photo by Nicola Allen, Kent Sports News
Read more here: http://www.kentsportsnews.com/milton-keynes-thudner-2-6-invicta-dynamos-31-01-2016/