Monday 9 October 2023

New Book: Ice Hockey Poems 2013 - 2023 by Lucy London

The Widnes Wild Poet-In-Residence Lucy London has published a book of ice hockey poems celebrating the achievements of the various Widnes-based teams.

The main focus is the Wild NIHL team but there are also poems about the Wild women’s team, the Academy Juniors, the Riverside Raiders and Halton Huskies recreational teams, the Mayhem sledge team and various other personalities from around the Planet Ice rink.

Lucy was appointed as Poet In Residence in 2017 and it is thought that the Wild are the only NIHL team to have their own bard.

As well as the poems themselves, the book includes the humorous story behind Lucy’s famous “French & Ormes” poem and a detailed history of the Wild Women’s team’s MVP awards, which she has sponsored for the past 5 seasons. 

“Ice Hockey Poems 2013-2023” is available by mail order from Amazon HERE