Sunday 9 February 2014

Ticket Arrangements Announced For Laidler Conference Play Offs at Solihull

Ticket prices and booking details have been announced for the Laidler Conference playoff weekend which will be held at the Blue Ice Solihull ice rink over the Easter Weekend of 19th, 20th and 21st April.

Until the final league positions are known at the end of the season,  it is not possible to be sure which teams will be taking part or in which of the semi final match they will be playing they will be playing.  However, tickets are on sale now for the individual matches and there is also a special price for tickets for all three games (click on the image, left, for a clearer view).

The special price tickets must be ordered and paid for before the play off weekend. Normal full price tickets will be available on the day depending on availability. 

To book your tickets, call John Butler on 0121 770 8000 or email to 

There are also a number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities available. Here again, call John Butler on 0121 770 8000 or email 

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