Tuesday 10 February 2015

Fylde Coast Ice Arena - News Update

Hockey fans will probably be keen to know how things are going at the new Blackpool-based Fylde Coast Ice Arena following its opening back in August last year (see our initial report HERE). 

In this photo - taken at the Blackpool Seagulls Under 16 game against Blackburn at the weekend - viewed from the end where the Zamboni machine comes on and off the ice - you can get a very good view of the public / spectator area and of the wall that is currently in the way of the place becoming a fully fledged NIHL hockey venue.

As things stand, the public area only extends to just over halfway down the total length of the ice surface and the wall on the far left of the photo prevents extending the spectator area any further at present.  Our sources tell us that once the FCIA has been open for a specific length of time, they will be able to apply for planning permission to remove the offending wall and then extend the spectators balcony the full length of the ice pad.

There will eventually be a bar area at the far end of the balcony from which you will be able to see over both this main rink and the other "Studio Rink" ice pad which is to the far left of the view that you can see here behind where the skate hire and changing rooms are.  The main rink spectator seating will, presumably, extend from the bar area at the far end down along the full length of the main ice pad and will  allow enough room for sufficient paying spectators to be able to support an NIHL team.

The Fylde Coast Ice Arena is still very much a work in progress but everybody who uses the rink - particularly the ice hockey players that we have spoken to - are very pleased with all the facilities and the fact that the Fylde Coast now has a full size ice pad for the time ever and the consensus is that it is worth the wait to get the rest of the building up and running in the not too distant future.

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